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A FREE Tool to Increase Your Affiliate Sales | The Deadbeat Student

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If you have not done so already, you should subscribe to Dan Brock’s YouTube channel: The Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

Dan is constantly (almost daily) uploading really great stuff about affiliate marketing, SEO tactics, and other ways of making money online. For example, today he posted a video about flipping domain names.

Subscribing to a YouTube channel costs you NOTHING, so give it a whirl. Watch some videos, and engage with comments. He has responded to my comments several times.

Much of what he covers on YouTube is not covered in the Deadbeat Super Affiliate training. It’s like they compliment each other (a great tactic for building your brand, BTW). It’s like he showing you what to do by doing it!

So enough chit chat… do it! Subscribe to Dan on YouTube, and (of course) subscribe to my channel for my review updates.


I MADE MY FIRST AFFILIATE SALE! A Deadbeat Super Affiliate Update

What’s up!? It’s Robert, The Deadbeat Student, and I just made my first affiliate commission sale!

So I’m a little over a month into my affiliate empire building, and I’m not getting to spend a whole lot of time doing it, because I have a full-time job, and I have 4 children who are all very busy, so I don’t have a ton of time to spend on building my affiliate marketing business. But… I have been slowly plugging away at it.

Here’s what I have accomplished so far…

Right out of the gate I built 5 affiliate niche websites. The first one I built was off of the Deadbeat Millionaire that I purchased through Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate system. It was one of those “wart removal product” niche sites, and it seems like everybody and their brother is in that niche!

It’s been kinda tough getting that site to rank high enough to get Google traffic, but we’re only a month in, and I’m still building out the site.

After that, through talking with Dan, and through the direct access I get with Deadbeat University, I built 4 different sites around things that I like or am interested in.

For example, I have a side-hustle business where I film weddings, so I did a business video site where I’m promoting products to help business create videos themselves for cheap.

I also built a website about softball or baseball since I have a daughter who plays softball in high school. That’s right up our alley, so we know a little bit about that. I’m promoting programs for hitters and pitchers as well as gear.

Because I have a son who is a 2nd degree black belt, I’ve built a martial arts website that promotes martial arts training programs and gear. My goal is that once this is up and running and earning a good bit of money–and it will be, because I’m going to work hard at it–I want to one day turn it over to my son as a gift.

So I’m obviously really excited that I’ve made my first affiliate sale just this past week, and I wanted to pass that along to you. I hope you will continue to follow my progress as I learn from Dan’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded) system.

You may want to consider subscribing to my YouTube channel since I will be regularly posting video updates there as well.

I’ve never been more excited about my future as an affiliate marketer! If you have any questions or want to leave some feedback, please do so. Until next time… stay after it!


Week 3: Inside Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded)- Part 2


Here’s what I love about the Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded) system. It teaches you no-nonsense, easy-to-understand methods and “tricks” to maximize your results.

In Lesson 4, Dan starts off with a quick screen capture video explaining how to do an easy check of the competition for any keywords you’re considering targeting.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to know exactly which keywords you’re wanting to rank for. If you’re new to internet marketing, we’re basically learning the introductory principles to SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

The key to success in ANY internet venture is traffic. If people are not visiting your blog, website, business promo video, or whatever content you’re posting, you’ll never make any money, increase brand awareness, or get traffic to your affiliate offers.


Dan Brock is teaching a simple trick to know whether you even have a shot at ranking for the keywords you’re interested in. Here, he warns us to avoid products that will have us competing with large corporations. These products typically include electronics, phones, tv’s, etc.


This is a technical lesson designed specifically for the total noob–like me! As I mentioned before, I have no experience in affiliate marketing. So while some people may already know the basics of setting up a website (hosting, domain names, DNS servers, etc.), I really needed this.

In this lesson,  Dan walks the reader through how to lay the groundwork for their first affiliate niche site.

Dan obviously earns an affiliate commission himself by promoting Host Gator, but that didn’t really bother me. By signing up through the Deadbeat Super Affiliate link, you get your first month of hosting for just 1 penny!

Not only that, but you can host as many sites as you want under the $10 per month plan.

He does give a warning, however, not to host every site you have under the same plan. That’s because if anything were to ever happen on the web host’s end, you’re up a creek without a paddle!


More technical stuff…

We’re getting deep into the weeds here, but this part is so crucial.

WordPress is the platform upon which the Deadbeat Super Affiliate System rests. It’s not that I couldn’t build a website another way–like Wix, web.com, Blogger, etc.–but for the sake of training, you want to stick with what’s taught.

Basically, you now have a hosting plan in place, so we’re going to link WordPress to your hosting plan and give it its own domain name.

If you’re new to all this, don’t worry. It couldn’t be more easily explained than it is in this lesson.


It looks like Dan might have created this later, but Lesson 6b walks you through how to quickly configure an Add-On Domain.

You only need one hosting plan, regardless of how many websites you create. However, each site will need its own domain name (i.e. howtowartremover.com). This is simply teaching you how to add multiple domains to the same hosting plan.

If you’re building your first affiliate site, you’ll want to skip this lesson for now.


I mentioned earlier that traffic is going to be the key to your success in this business. With that in mind, it’s essential that you optimize your WordPress sites to maximize the free traffic available through search engines like Google and Bing.

Search Engine Optimization is SOOOO important in determining how much traffic you’ll generate and ultimately how much money you’ll earn as an affiliate. This quick lesson is the minimum FIRST STEP in that process, but you really can’t afford to be a deadbeat when it comes to SEO.

The good news is that Dan covers ton’s of SEO tricks and training for FREE on his YouTube channel. Here’s just one such video:

Not only that, but he goes even more in-depth through Deadbeat University. This is Dan’s one-on-one coaching system, which offers forums, personalized training, etc. I’ve been a member of DU since Day 1, and it’s really been helpful knowing someone is right there with me as I muddle through this.

I’ll pick back up with Lesson 8 in an upcoming post. Until then, good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help!



Week 2: Inside Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded)- Part 1

I know I’ve mentioned that I have no experience in affiliate marketing. I guess I kind of knew it existed and basically how it worked, but I honestly didn’t even know what it was called.

So, obviously, I have a lot to learn. For me, the best way to learn is hands-on. Once I purchased the $17 Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded) system, I had immediate access to the “Members Area” where I watched a “getting started” video. See…

In the video, Dan invites the new affiliate to sign up for a free live web event. I missed the live event, but caught a recorded version later.

Also on the home page, I was encouraged to subscribe to the Deadbeat YouTube Channel. Check!

Next, there is yet another pitch for Deadbeat University–the $67 per month community of “deadbeats” with personal coaching from Dan Brock. Like I said before, I’m in.

Then we get into the training.

The system really walks you through step-by-step and tells you exactly what you need to do. So far, so good!

On page 1 of the training (after subbing to his YouTube channel, and signing up for the free web event), I watched a 9-minute introductory video. I’m telling you, Dan has really worked hard to make this whole thing as easy as possible for anyone new to affiliate marketing.

To the right of the video (see below), there’s a simple checklist, an option to download the video to your hard drive, and a whole list of affiliate sites to consider signing up for.


In Lesson 1, Dan walks through how to register for an affiliate network. What I’ve learned is that there are TONS of companies out there that have affiliate programs! From Amazon, to Walmart, to Lego… there are hundreds (probably thousands) of available companies that would love for you to promote their products!

Dan provides a pretty extensive list if, like me, you don’t know where to start.

He starts with a 3 1/2 minute video to explain all this:

One thing I’ve really appreciated so far is Dan’s willingness to speak to the newbie. For example, he includes screenshots of stuff you will encounter as you go through the steps.

Here, Dan spells out what to do as you sign up as an Amazon affiliate.

Bummer for me… I happen to live in one of 5 states that Amazon does not allow to participate in its affiliate program! This is due to sales tax laws in my state. Ugh!!!

I contacted Dan through the personal coaching section of Deadbeat University to address this issue, and he responded within about an hour! He assured me that there were so many other affiliate opportunities out there that I could just ignore Amazon and focus my efforts elsewhere.

So that’s what I’m doing. If you’ve been watching the Deadbeat Super Affiliate YouTube channel, you’ve probably gotten pretty excited about being an amazon.com affiliate, and that’s cool. I was, too. Just know that as I move forward, I won’t be building any sites to promote those products. However, the process will be the same.


Now I start learning about “niches.” A niche is basically a market in which you want to build a site. Dan starts Lesson 2 off with another video–this one is 9 minutes long:

The Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded) system recommends 4 HOT market categories: Health, Money, Entertainment, and Relationships. Dan says, “These are the markets where people spend the most money online.”

In this lesson, I also read about finding my own niche–perhaps in some market that particularly interests me. I think I’m going to look into that soon. For now, I’m going to stick with Dan’s recommendations.

Finally, Dan focuses on the importance of TAKING ACTION. In this lesson, he simply says, Take action… don’t get too involved in finding the perfect market or niche because there isn’t one. This will be your first site; it’s not going to be perfect.”

LESSON 3 (could be called 2b)

In Lesson 3, Dan moves into some taller grass by talking about how to pick a niche using some tools such as the FREE Google Keyword Planner and a paid resource called Long Tail Pro.

This is where I have to be careful. I tend to be a person who wants to skip all the research and jump right into building. Instructions are for losers! Well… I’ve found that’s not usually a profitable philosophy.

I took the time to read carefully through what Dan was teaching. I did the steps myself using the same niches and keywords he used in his illustrations.

This whole lesson is chocked full of charts and graphs like this, which can seem a bit overwhelming to a newbie like me. But if he thinks it’s worth the time, I figure I should probably take to time to master this stuff, too.

From there, Dan talks about the importance of exploring niches that get me personally fired up.

I like that the Deadbeat Super Affiliate training is constantly reminding me to TAKE ACTION!


I don’t want to overwhelm myself as I’m just getting started, so I’m going to stop here for now. Here’s a summary of my thoughts so far:

  1. The Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded) system is inexpensive ($17)… especially when you consider how much information you get.
  2. The Members Area and step-by-step training is clean and plainly laid out. A dummy could easily work his way through the lessons.
  3. Dan is a likable guy! I personally find his “deadbeat” character funny and entertaining. It makes learning this stuff much more enjoyable!

So far, I’m very impressed with the Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded) training. If you’re new to affiliate marketing like I am, I would recommend you give it some consideration.

To learn more about it or to sign up for yourself, ==>>CLICK HERE<<==