About Me

My name is Robert Piercy, and I’m a student enrolled in Deadbeat University!

I want to be as transparent as possible…

Personal Stuff…

I have a beautiful wife and 4 kids: ranging in age from 3 to 15 years old. If I were to be totally honest, which I am, I’d say I have the greatest family the world has ever seen!

I’m a 36-year-old Youth Pastor in Arkansas (USA). That means I serve as a pastor on staff at a church, and I work with teenagers and their families. It’s a GREAT gig! You can even learn more about that here: mywestview.com/students

I film weddings and events on the side. You can see some of my stuff on my wedding video site.

I’m a college drop-out. I’m not stupid by any means–I was at the top of my high school class. It’s just that I was married and had no one telling me to “stick it out” when I was faced with a $1,500 tuition payment in semester #4 of college. That seemed insurmountable to me. I never went back.

My Experience in Affiliate Marketing…

ZERO! I’ve never done this… ever! So when I say that this real-life, ongoing review of the Deadbeat Super Affiliate is legit… I mean it!

I stumbled on this by accident. I had purchased something for my video business, which happened to be a product hosted by JVZoo (yeah, I didn’t know anything about that either). Anyway, I’m not sure how it happened, but I wound up watching a YouTube video of Dan Brock. One thing led to another, and I thought, “Why not give this a whirl?”

How This Site Works…

New posts at every step. I’ll update this site with a new post at least once a week. I’ll post videos and blog about my progress.

I’m following the Deadbeat Super Affiliate System to the letter. To give you the most accurate picture of the quality (or lack thereof) of Dan Brock’s training, I will not be deviating or implementing outside ideas into what I do.

I’m all in. Dan’s system has some “funnel sales” involved. For the sake of full disclosure, know that I have purchased EVERYTHING…

-The Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded)

-Deadbeat Millionaire

-Deadbeat Traffic Blaster

-Deadbeat University

…so I will be speaking about my experiences with all these products. I ‘m excited that you’re considering coming along for the ride with me!