Week 1: Signing Up

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I stumbled across Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded) completely by accident…

…I wasn’t looking to make money online, sell affiliate products, build websites, or anything like that. In fact, I had just bought a product (called Viddyoze) I saw on Facebook for my video side business.

Viddyoze is an online tool for building 3D animation videos like intros, logo reveals, overlays, etc. Anyway, Viddyoze is sold through an affiliate site known as JVZoo. I had never heard of JVZoo, but–long story short–somehow after my purchase, I found myself interested in making some money by promoting other people’s products (a.k.a. affiliate marketing).

I searched through a few YouTube videos about the subject and found Dan Brock’s channel. So… that’s how I came to learn about the Deadbeat Super Affiliate System.

I decided to sign up…

I found Dan’s deadbeat character funny and entertaining–the robe, the tube socks–it’s a cool gig. But it was the passive income he was generating and the opportunity to learn to do that which convinced me to plunk down the $17.

I visited the sales page. It was written by a guy named Kevin Rogers who is apparently a “copy-writing legend.” It’s a really long sales page with 8376 words (according to Web Page Word Counter) with a ton of pitchy sales jargon, but there were 3 things of interest on that page:

  1. YouTube Video Testimonials: I love seeing an unsolicited video testimonial, and Dan features 4 on the sales page–along with another 14 written testimonials!
  2. A 30-day Money Back Guarantee: Not that it matters too much (the program is only $17), but Dan offers an unconditional money back guarantee.
  3. Bonus #2–the Deadbeat Theme: With the purchase, you receive a free copy of a simple WordPress theme that Dan uses on most of his affiliate sites. That’s huge!

I added the Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded) to my cart!

Paying was painless, and I had instant access to the system. However…

…something frustrated me…

As soon as I paid my $17, I was taken to another sales page where Dan Brock was pitching a second product… one that would help “insure my success” with the Deadbeat Super Affiliate. It was called Deadbeat Traffic Blaster. It costs $47.

It rubs me wrong that I had no idea that there was an additional product I would need to be successful. Even though Dan says that all I really need to learn everything I need to know is in the system, I realized that I don’t know the first thing about driving traffic to a website… so I bought it, too. Total is now up to $64.

It didn’t end there!

As soon as I purchased Deadbeat Traffic Blaster… you guessed it… another sales page with a video featuring another product to REALLY get my affiliate marketing empire up and running as quickly as possible–Deadbeat Millionaire. It costs $97. Dan loves product prices ending in “7.”

Deadbeat Millionaire is a software plugin that gives you access to 20 pre-made niche websites. I bought it as well, because it should help me get my affiliate business up and running quickly without having to write a ton of articles, research and find niche products, etc. Total is now at $161.

Still not done…

Dan still had ONE MORE THING that I would just have to have! Dan has created an online community called Deadbeat University where he promises to walk with you as you get your affiliate business up and going. The cost is $67 and is a monthly recurring charge as long as you’re a student.

With Deadbeat University, you have personal access to Dan Brock, live webinars where he and other successful affiliate marketers walk you through the process and answer questions, and a community of other students learning the business. I bought in… Grand total: $228.

I understand why…

…Dan markets his products this way. There’s no doubt he gets higher conversions with this tactic. It’s just that it gets many customers off on the wrong foot. I’m giving him leeway here, especially since he has been so responsive to me with questions and technical support.

I do like to know–up front–exactly what I’m getting into before I do anything, which is why I’m telling you now. So far (and I’m still new at this) each of the products seems to be well worth the purchase price, so make an informed decision.

Deadbeat University

Once inside Deadbeat University, you’ll see a section heading that says “Your First 30 Days at Deadbeat University,” which is designed to “force” you to put the Deadbeat Super Affiliate system into action.

It’s a step-by-step tutorial on exactly what you need to do getting started. BONUS!!

One thing Dan stresses over and over is that affiliate marketing (particularly the deadbeat way) is a game of patience and persistence. You’re not going to see results right away, so don’t give up when you earn very little or no commissions at all your first 30 days.

Plug away. Learn. Implement. Repeat. Dan says that’s the key to your success.

To learn more about the Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded) system or to get started, click here.